Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Kind of Rally

Down 80, up 200, down 37, that's 417 points, pretty close my friends. Too bad pouring more money into an economy drenched in credit troubles doesn't really solve anything. But that's not what ended this irrational rally. What did is another bond insurer downgrade and S&P revealing oh by the way maybe another $500 billion dollars in poor subprime debt needs to be written off. MBIA released earnings today, errrr... losings of $18/share. $18/share! Hey, that's not good. But I'm sure they're solvent. I'm sure they should be AAA rated.

Finally, a homebuilder was punished yesterday for dismal earnings and a poor outlook. Centex lost almost a billion dollars and cancellations rose to 33%. That's gross. So Bulls enjoy your bottom bounce, because recession is here and there's lots of subprime gloom ahead. Next, Lehman pays the piper!

Alright, as promised, some props to watch for this weekend. As over climbs to 54.5, like it even more. I'm looking for Kevin Boss, the 6'6" TE to catch at least 2 balls. He caught 4 in the first game and will be a solid option when the Pats clamp down on Plax. I like Bradshaw to have a run over 10 yards as well. The Pats don't shut the run down, and Bradshaw is explosive. He should work in for 8-10 carries, and might get one of those 3rd and 17 draws for 12 yards. I like Kevin Faulk all over the place. I like him to get 4 catches or more (8 in the first meeting) and a catch for over 10 as well. The Giants will double Moss all day so he doesn't get behind them on consecutive plays like he did last time. This leaves a lot of dumps to Faulk and some open space.
Finally, I like at least 4 pats to get a rush in this game. Maroney, Faulk and Evans are guaranteed, then we just need a reverse or a Brady 0 yard scramble to lock it up. Also, if you can find the Brady prop where he compares his own stats to the Carolina SB, get in on the 3td action. 3 tds is a push, 1 or 2 is a win. Tough to throw 4 tds in any game, let alone the bowl.

BOD: I was going to write mad props but didn't.....
1. Boss 2 catches over
2. Bradshaw rush 10.5 yards over
3. Faulk receptions 4 over
4. Faulk reception 10 yards over
5. Pats # of rushers 3.5 over
6. Brady tds vs Carolina Brady 3 under

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