Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Where's Goldilocks now, Kudlow? How do you justify a 160 point loss from the daily high on mostly good news as a Goldilocks economy? When oil pushes over $100, you can't. Almost as impossible to listen to that dude as it is Crammer. By the way, anyone who calls Cramer Crammer is hilarious. Have you watched the video on yet?

Watching the B team on CNBC in the morning to see the CPI and housing data while I fed my daughter her breaksfast almost made us both puke. It's like they gave 2 kids and a muppet (Kernen) a microphone and said, "go play!" But don't forget to say, "this doesn't mean the market won't go up" at the end of every sentence.

In light of awful CPI numbers that show inflation is rising as wages are stagnant and unemployment is increasing (not good), let's examine how some retailers have been blasted recently. Also, how can these clowns make statements like "the sudden rise in oil?" Uhhh, oil was at $100 on January 3rd. A commodities trader said this is just a speedbump to $120 this morning; I thought they were going to ban him from speaking ever again.

Macy's: sales down 7.1%, 2,500 layoffs
Walmart: met sales but gave poor outlook for rest of 08'
Target: sales down
Best Buy: poor holiday sales, lowered guidance for rest of the year
Liz Arden: abysmal sales, poor outlook
Nordstrom's: sales down 6.6%

Would like to say thanks to an anonymous reporter for responding to my email with honesty and personality. You don't often expect a personal response from a legitimate reporter. Thanks for the kind words and respecting the small investor......

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