Sunday, February 3, 2008

Game Time

Personally, I hate both of these teams. I think I've already made my feelings on the Mannings pretty clear. When Belichick was in Cleveland going 5-11 every year before he started cheating, he was no "genius." Wouldn't it be great if that video dude said, "yeah, we taped the Rams walk through." The Rams would be awarded the Super Bowl and it might get Kurt Warner into the HOF. Not gonna happen, but would stick it in and break it off our man Bill. Ok, so you can't second guess me tomorrow, here are my prop winners:

1. Kevin Boss 1 1/2 catches over
2. Maroney catches 1 over
3. NE total rushers 3.5 over
4. Brady SB 38 TDs (3) vs SB 42 TDs-SB 38 TDs pickem'

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