Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dead Wrong

We all were. I believe my brother summed it up best when all he could say was "Shocking" over and over again. All of you who bet the second mortage on the Pats moneyline for a 21% return are still feeling ill, and not just from your hangover. Hey, but some of us were right! Let's review my initial and final props, along with my 2 week ago call of the under.

Initial Props:
1. Boss 2 catches over loss by 1 b/c he dropped an easy 3-yarder on the first drive
2. Bradshaw rush 10.5 yards over win
3. Faulk receptions 4 over win
4. Faulk reception 10 yards over win
5. Pats # of rushers 3.5 over loss, couldn't Brady have scrambled once?
6. Brady tds vs Carolina Brady 3 under easy win

Later Props:
1. Maroney 1 catch over win (+155)

Pats/Giants under 54.5 win

6-2, not too bad! I wish I had been that good during the regular season. What a bizarre ending. You just never see the Pats choke like that. They actually got tight. Samuels dropped a pick. Merriweather dropped a pick. They let Manning out of a sack, and when they did, they let him complete his 4th airball of the game that magically landed in his receiver's hands. When have you have ever seen Rodney Harrison not make that play? Not only did he not intercept it, he was unable to knock it away from a much smaller player.

Three more downgrades of credit card lenders yesterday, including the infamous Capital One which had been on fire the last 2 weeks. I'm posting an article in my must reads by Jim Jubak of MSN.com's Money touting that the commercial loan/CDO mess may dwarf our current sub-prime mess by reaching into the $90 trillion range, yeah, that's right, like much more than our GDP. God knows how many more losses these banks are holding off on, but if there's even a fraction of the liability he implies, my previous reco of SRS (inverse real estate ETF) will be an excellent 2-3 year play.

Sallie Mae got downgraded to B---, that's triple minus, 1 step above junk status. Another lender begging to go into bankruptcy, let's see who follows. Don't be fooled by the last 2 weeks, and don't have any faith in our lenders. They make Belichick look like an honest dude.

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