Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rolling With My Bronies

So it's come down to this. It's not new but it's new for me; grown men watching My Little Pony on the Hub network. Not because their children love it, not because it's nostalgic for their wives, but because it lets them escape reality for 30 minutes once a week. When my wife told me about this I thought it was a joke, but I see multiple websites and blogs dedicated to this "phenomenon." 

I've occasionally seen my four-year-old watching the show and thought hey, there's a cute little show about horses.  I never thought that instead of talking about football or even playing a war game online, some grown men would see this and say, "let's talk about fantasy unicorns and how that allows us to not be men or husbands or earthlings for half an hour."  I see this on an everyday basis; people who are just out of touch and want to check out.  "Friendship may be magic," but there's nothing magical about what this says about the state of our society.

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