Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coin Toss

China slowing (really slowing), Germany slowing, and the U.S. has slowed to half the predicted growth of our finest economist.  Market down 8 out of last 11 days, money outflows continue to be the trend (no volume), and yet, we remain near the highs of the year.  We have to look no further than the next 6 days where Draghi and BB will spew the promises of prosperity that can only come with more money.  Sorry, Greece, you're out.  But the rest of the kids can put $2 in the iTunes box for 3 more songs.  Yeah, it used to be 3 for a $1 but remember, we don't have inflation.

Never mind warnings from little companies like Caterpillar and FedEx about the world coming to an end, pre-announcing after 1 more earnings pump.  No, it's out of our hands now.  We'll know soon enough whether or not we should only own shiny stuff and companies named Apple.

In the meantime, football is back to save us from the Orioles once-a-decade success and the inversely correlated Tiger Woods hate-o-meter/golf score ramblings.  Living in South Florida and having seen Hard Knocks, you can safely bet against the Dolphins every week and with The Pack after week 6.  These events, fortunately, have no correlation with the Fed.

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