Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I almost had to vomit and lose money at the same time last night, a terrible combination. The Vikes, courtesy of 4 turnovers, managed to keep the Bears in the game until the very end despite them having almost as many 3 and outs as first downs. Thankfully, my tease with the Pack covered as well as keeping my tease with Florida alive in 2 weeks. As I mentioned earlier, UF will win by 1000 touchdowns, even if Rich Rodriguez is the new coach (he won't coach the game, so same old vanilla offense). I'll be watching the weather again this week as snow and sleet make it tough to put up points, even for Brady. What the hell happened to Romo by the way? Between his performance and Brian Westbrook taking a dive at the one inch line, I'm sure a lot of fantasy ballers actually did vomit on Sunday.

Hope you watched PXJ take a nice dip the last 2 days and scooped some up while it's similar counterpart XES had a good gain today. Also, good Goldman news will buoy banks for the day undeservedly, so again, a chance to buy XLF and watch as its competitors tank the rest of the week!

Cashed in my True Religion shares today for a 33% profit, but I held onto my 09' 10 LEAPS. Each store opening brings more success and I believe there's good run to their expanded product line even in a poor retail environment.

New picks coming....

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