Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Criminals: Banks and Bowden

Surprise, surprise, Morgan took a$10 billion dump today, and like many of their peers, sought overseas investors to supply them with cash as they continue to be less than transparent when reporting on future writedowns. How can anyone have faith that banks are not withholding billions more in future losses?

And while we're on the subject of criminals, let's talk about Bobby Bowden. How many years has this guy gotten away with passing students via cheating and pressures placed on profs and TAs? The football program is a sham, along the lines of Bob Huggins at Cincinnati (0% passing rate for his players, that's z-e-r-o). 25 players, that's like, half the team, will be ineligible for the upcoming bowl game. In a touching gesture to his players, Bowden will not make this year's redshirts lose their eligibility by activating them for the game. This way, they can cheat/skip classes/collect bribes for another year. FSU should've known Bowden went nuts anyways when he started wearing that sideline sombrero.

Not coincidentally, my pick of the day will be Kentucky, who, at -3, were already a solid play in The Music City Bowl.

I have a conference call scheduled with the VP of Investor Relations at Fortune Brands tomorrow, will post highlights and conclusions afterwards.

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