Thursday, February 9, 2012

Purple Drank and The Fat Chef

You may be wondering what a rapper's idea of a cocktail ( and a horrifying new reality show have to do with Mohammad El-Erian's "new normal" and investing successfully.  I think that unfortunately, they are grossly correlated.  I have 16 year-old, Iphone glazed robots requesting narcotic cough medicine in front of their equally naive and tuned out parents.  Meanwhile, Fat Chef combines America's new reality obsessions of cooking shows and life-saving weight loss drama; fat pastry chefs who are dying because they can't resist the chocolate in front of them.  The fact that these two things exist scare me to death but are consistent with the glorification of gluttony that has plagued global financial systems.

Headlines lately have been absent Greek and European debt woes while pushing world QE as the only viable solution.  Markets have gone up, but the problems remain.  I am not willing to ignore what I know should be true, but I am not willing to get skinned to the short side while the rest of the world cozies up to to a cocktail and a croissant.  I am waiting for the VIX to hit 15 and TVIX to retreat towards 10 again.  Then I think I'll enjoy a cocktail myself.

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