Friday, February 12, 2010

The BBB Goes PE

Private Equity that is. This is the big announcement I referenced several months ago. The Big Big Bet is investing in a fantastic fledgling toy company based out of Philadelphia, Noasha Toys.

Noasha has invented a whole world surrounding illuminated marbles entitled, Warbles. The Warbles are mystical creatures that battle to save the integrity of their planet from the evil Wasteoids. These amazing toys are unique in that the characters stress a code of non-violence and send an eco-friendly message to all children and adults alike. Warbles also includes trading cards and a comic strip to expand their appeal. Noasha already has in-store and on-line sales of Warbles, and the company seems poised for explosive expansion.

For more information about Warbles, see:

We are very excited to partner with Noasha Toys, and think Warbles will be the next toy to hit in the tradition of recent multi-million dollar winners Bakugan and Pokemon.

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