Saturday, September 5, 2009

Football is Back!

Aaargh, with all of the pennant races essentially decided, my hometown Indians having given away their two best players for a box of crackerjacks, and memories of a great Super Bowl starting to dwindle, football is back. I will now list for you the greatest fantasy draft ever made, especially from the 5th position, and also remind you that I should have reminded you to bet against OSU as 17-pt. favorites against Navy. OSU never plays well in their first game and has even trailed teams like Ohio University at the half. I hope the Tiger Coach is watching as I advised his readers of the same, and look forward to USC faceplanting the Buckeyes next week and reminding everyone that the Big 10 stinks.

Rd. 1-Deangelo Williams
3-Anquan Boldin
4-Kurt Warner
5-Pierre Thomas
6-Braylon Edwards
7-Ray Rice
8-Bernard Berrian
9-Antonio Bryant
10-Ahmad Bradshaw
11-12 Chargers D and somebody who will never play
13-Matt Hasselback
14-Owen Daniels

The only rule of mine I broke was drafting a D before the 2nd to last round, but as everyone had already broken arms overreaching for TEs too early, I knew Daniels was available forever. How did I accumulate not only superstars at all positions, but backups who are good #1s on their teams? It all comes down to discipline. While others were busy drafting Willie Parker in the 1st round, Peyton Manning always too early, and defenses in the 8th round, I was busy accumulating an all-star team. Should be interesting, unless Warner comes down with a case of oldmanitis (just like you Anon) and ruins my season.

Florida did not cover as predicted. Even Urban Meyer won't run it up on a cupcake by 73 points. 1-0.

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Tiger Coach said...

I looked at the OSU line and said helllllll no! -21.5... the dopes sitting down in the horseshoe took that one but not me!!!

Hey, Ole Miss is ranked 8? What gives?

Sorry, I can't handle the Pros... Soemthing about watching them that drives me nuts... too much showmanship.