Friday, June 20, 2008

Please Stop Ruining My News With Tiger Woods

Enough already. It's been awhile since I talked a little sports, so let me get back to it. I don't mind Steve Carrell or Mike Myers showing up on a sports show. As a matter of fact, it breaks up the monotony of repeated scores and mini-stories that have to be told over and over again until the next night's games. But when golf news spills over into financial and world news, I'm sickened a lotta bit. Tiger Woods, best golfer ever. But enough about his limping, and knee, and stress fractures, which he may have gotten from being so nuts about his rehab that he actually ruined the rest of his year. His "mental game" is his strongest asset. BS! Being able to hit every shot 50 yards farther than his competitor is his strongest asset. Lest we get carried away, can we remember that he is a golfer, a game you can play while smoking and drinking beer. Here is a brief list of people tougher than Tiger Woods.

1. Jack Youngblood, DE, LA Rams. Once played an entire football game with a broken leg which he just "wrapped up."
2. Ronnie Lott (may also be the toughest human being ever). Once crushed his finger in between helmets, went to the locker room, had the trainer cut the tip off, and returned to finish the game.
3. Every football player every week (not including punters and kickers, but including the longsnapper Neal!) during the season.
4. Bull/Bronco riders every time out of the shoot.

More proof that I'm not alone in thinking "The Captain" is the most overrated player of all-time. Recent SI survey of 495 major leaguers said: DJ most overrated. No kidding. Again, never the best player on his own team, never the best SS in his own league, plays next to a guy who is literally twice as good as him.

Back to making money. Capital One has continued a nice trend of falling about 4% a day. I like it. But we're sitting on this winner for awhile. Options are about 50% up. I know the Tiger Coach got an itchy trigger finger when his options went above 60%, but patience will pay off here. I'm looking for a drop into the $30s. Earnings are only a month away. A lot can happen between now and then.

Meanwhile, Lehman has turned the ship around and started heading towards zero again. Looks like getting over $27 was its last push. I was hoping it would hit $30 to short it again.

Gold is getting hot. As banks continue to tank and oil becomes even more volatile, perhaps there will be a return to bullion. Retail continues to trend lower. Pier 1 and Circuit City made shareholders vomit with their results yesterday. XLY has dropped about 10% over the last few weeks.


Tiger Coach said...

XLY can be down 10%...that would make Thomas Lee wrong...and he's an expert...

Actually I wish there would be a slight bump then run it down into the ground.

As far as Tiger Woods goes...ESPN puts him in the same league as BO Jackson, Prime Time, and Jim Thorpe... Golf is a great activity... a great past time, I'm still not sure if it is sport in the true sense of the word...would that mean that darts and bowling are sports too.

Looking forward to your comments on

Anonymous said...

AX said...

Actually saw a good article on Bo a few months ago on ESPN. I wrote the author that I didn't like his calling Bo "probably one of the greatest athletes of all time" when he clearly is the greatest athlete of all time. He was very nice and wrote back that ESPN makes him right stuff like that so people in Jim Thorpe, PA don't get mad....

Who is Thomas Lee? And he is wrong. Might make more money on this than originally hoped, should have a full blog later or tomorrow.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

ax -

you are not appreciating the sheer pain that was going on in tiger's knee, as he continually was grinding and shredding the cartilidge on his knee. so, yes, tiger is tough. also, tiger is reckless and foolish for even putting himself in this situation.

AX said...

GG, remind me again when Tiger was running or jumping during that tourney, you know, like an athlete. Give me a break, next thing I know you'll be telling me how good soccer players are.

The list of 10 best athletes in the world actually got 2 or 3 correct, but of course had a hockey, soccer, and tennis player on it. LT was the football rep, and we know he is far from the best NFL athlete...