Friday, May 16, 2008

Wind Tunnel

TBP is not a WWF rasler' but T. Boone Pickens, he of oil billions and now wind energy fame. His company, Mesa Power, is buying 667 GE turbines to be delivered in 2010 for his Pampa Wind Project. I said about 3 weeks ago in my solar/ag posting that not everyone will be the winner in the Texas corridor project. Seems like the billionaire is getting the jump. Even if his project pushes full capacity, estimates are enough electricity for about 1.2 million homes. Let's not get too excited yet.

Here's something scary, but very close to home and a concern of mine even though it's about condo owners. A NYT article yesterday details the plight of foreclosed-on and partial capacity condos where owners who actually pay their bills are getting whacked. "Each of the remaining owners has had to chip in an extra $1,000 assessment and $50 more a month for cable and Internet. That is on top of Ms. Sanz’s $450 monthly maintenance fee." I fear an assessment in new-construction communities such as my own are imminent due to the deadbeat flippers who have failed to pay their HOAs and the deadbeat renters who have failed to pay them.

Retailers continue to beat estimates. That is, they continue to beat projected 7% sales declines by posting stellar 6% sales declines. Who wants to own this stuff? Strong work again by our analyst community who had 11% sales growth projections at the beginning of the year.....

GS came out with a $141 oil prediction for the 2nd half of the year. Anybody else notice gold is back up to $900? Strong dollar, huh?

TOD: Start thinking about diesel. My brother recod Cummins to me a few weeks ago at $48, now it's $73. Volkswagon is coming out with a diesel Jetta next year, 60mpg. My coworker's husband is attempting to make his own diesel, I'll let you know how it goes....


Tiger Coach said...

Ax.. Just got back from DC...Great week for COF...puts that is. With a bit of luck, it should cross the Mason-Dixon line next week.

Take McCain plus the points. Did you set up a trade account yet?


AX said...

I have not. Still trying to decide whether to do an Obama hedge or maybe go with McCain as you say. Despite his obvious lead in the polls, several questions remain. One, are his demographic groups going to show up on election day? And two, given the fact that he has failed to win a major state, are white voters going to switch from Clinton to him or McCain?

Tiger Coach said...

Ax.. I believe O will lose approx. 20-25% of Clinton supporters. While I believe Mc, C, or O would do a reasonable job, that it my political prediction. I believe O has over-estimated his support from the working class.