Sunday, March 9, 2008

JJ and Other Non-Moving Moves

Getting back to some offseason football quickly, there have been a bunch of moves made recently, not many of them going to matter much. Trading in Shawn Alexander for Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett is like trading in your 98' Caddy for 2 03' Buick Regals. Exactly. I guess when Alexander stopped running behind 2 all-pro linemen and an all-pro fb, he wasn't quite as good.

My hometown Browns have been actively employing a strategy that has worked but teams are reluctant to use. They have been trading draft picks for solid players on the premise that who could they draft who would be as good as these guys their 1st and 2nd years. They've added Donte Stallworth, Sean Rodgers and Corey Williams. When the Pats got Moss last year, they gave up a 4th round pick. Who in the wide world could ever give that kind of return out of the 4th round? Chris Chambers for a 3rd round pick, Jonathan Vilma for a 4th rounder.....maybe he's injured but if he returns to form, that's like getting a free first rounder. The argument against has been hoarding draft picks. Well, that strategy only works if you know how to draft. Look at the Dolphins, the Broncos over the last 8 years. Most of their picks don't even make the team, let alone become stars. Ditka took a lot of heat for his Ricky Williams trade, but he ran for 1,800 yards and was a beast. Lots of guys can run for 1,000 (it's only 63 yards a game), but not 1,800.

Uh, Vernon Gholston just ran a 4.58 and jumped 42" at the OSU pro day. Sorry Long brothers (Chris and Jake), you just lost about $15 million.....

Michael Turner to Atlanta? Why? Give Norwood and shot, and why would Turner settle for splitting time again? On a team with no QB? Questionable.

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